Hannah Mermaid

Possibly one of the coolest real life Mermaids we have come across is a lady who goes by the name of Hannah Mermaid.

She is an underwater mermaid and performance artist, who makes her own mermaid suits and is often seen swimming with whales and sharks. Her aim is to raise awareness of the problems affecting the oceans today- and the pressure they are under from overfishing and human development. She's been seen swimming with sharks, dolphins, whales, seals, manta rays and other beautiful marine life.

You can hire Hannah Film, TV, Photography Projects, and Live Performance work. She also does Public Speaking (out of the water!)

Hannah Swims With Whale Sharks!

Hannah Fraser (he dry land name) is the self styled world's first ‘Freelance Mermaid’. This ocean environmentalist, performance artist and model was drawn to mermaid myths when she was a girl- and is now living out her dreams in a job that has been tailor made for her!

You can watch her swim with Tiger Sharks, Great Whites, Whales, Dolphins, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Seals, and many more in her YouTube channel.

There has been an explosion in popularity of mermaid mythology in recent years. Swimmers fight for their right to wear tails in public pools in the US, and there are many professional swimmers that you can hire as Mermaids to add a bit of spice to your pool party (assuming you have a pool of course).

Mermaids now compete with vampires and Monster High for the attentions of kids everywhere. And who wouldn't prefer their kids to be playing the Mermaid rather than Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Facts about Hannah Mermaid

-Her favourite place to dive is the home of Rugby Sevens: Fiji. Tonga's not too bad either!
-She can dive to about 50 ft without an oxygen tank (that's about a 15 metre dive). When she is filming deepr, then she dives with a Buddy who has scuba tanks. She relies on him to get her to the surface safely with a safety stop to avoid getting the "Bends". She can hold her breath for around 2 minutes underwater. 
-Although she can't see that weel underwater, she has got used to the blurry vision.
-Hannah has around six tails, with anouther 4 being built.