How to be a Mermaid

How to be a Mermaid

Mermaid Millions- How to be “mer-vellous”

Never has the allure of the mystical depths of the oceans and its beguiling mythical inhabitants been more powerful! With a slot like Mermaid Millions you can let these fantasy creatures make you a nice packet of cash as their timeless mystery continues to fascinate man and womankind.

Not only is the myth of the ‘mer-people’ long-standing enough to have a world of stories associated with these creatures; there is also a long history of us land lubbers being so keen on these magical beasts that we simply can’t resist turning ourselves into some pretty good imitations of them! So what’s the deal with us trying to become fish-tailed?

Tail essentials

So what’s the first step in becoming “Mer”?  Well it seems that we just can’t resist the charm of a great big mermaid tail- of course! Not only are kids getting batty about getting fishy-fabric swimming tails, but they are all the rage across the globe with adults too. From back yard pools to costume parties – even Cher had a mermaid outfit. But this was just the beginning! Despite, the “Mer craze” going global, it has come with safety warnings about drowning while wearing these appendages! Warning: wearing a tail can be hazardous.

Breathing is optional!

breathing underwaterNext is the ability to hold your breath….!  Such is the strength of the Mer appeal that there are even those having swimming lessons to learn how to take on the tail safely and double as extreme exercise too! With the popularity of free diving (a whole world of holding your breath while swimming to depths) also on the rise, it makes you wonder if that can be easy in a neoprene tail! And there’s more - participants are expected to be able to synchronise swim- could this be a health craze too far for me?!!
No one said that being a mermaid is meant to be easy. Although get just 3 of the mermaid Scatters across the reels in Mermaid Millions and you get a regal ten free spins to get you started on earning some mer-tastic dosh!

Swim like a dolphin

Now you gotta be able to swim right? Esther Williams has to be the best mermaid of them all. She was a talented and multi-award winning swimmer, turned Hollywood siren in LA’s movie heyday and was known as the “Million Dollar Mermaid”. She became famed for her hit films including “Dangerous When Wet.” Williams specialised in glamorous sub-aquatic musicals and films and it made her name around the world - but boy, could she swim- just like the real thing! 

You need a tail, right? The “mermaid tail” has also been made by prop specialists to aid a woman who had both legs amputated so that she can enjoy the freedom of movement replicated by having a “mermaid’s tail”. She loves her bespoke tail and is planning to use it to compete in a triathlon! 

Deep water treasure hunter

But it’s not just the romantic idea of the Mer which is turning heads. 
Brainy scientists are keen to replicate the swim techniques of these sub-aquatic divas. Stamford University, one of America’s foremost universities, has created a super technical robo-dive suit that is inspired by mermaids to allow divers to safely recover treasure from sunken ships! Well, we all know the Mer like treasure!

In Mermaid Millions there’s a whole Bonus game dedicated to the Mer’s treasure. If you get three bonus icons you get to enter a pick game where generous cash prizes are up for grabs. Now that’s something to get flippin’ happy about!
One for the whacky- Dog gone!

Wow- and its not just the humans who can’t get enough of the mermaids- there has even been some extreme competitive dog grooming to replicate the loveliness of those under the sea folks! Just check out the poor mutt who went from canine to marine thanks to it Mer-fan owners!

No girls only rules

It’s not just the mega celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Harper and Victoria Beckham along with other behemoths of the celebrity media who simply can’t resist the mermaid charms. With millions of hair extensions, hairbands and glittery neoprene, there are more Mer accessories than you could shake a fish at across the fashion industry.

Jason Momoa, who found fame in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo, is now taking the big-screens as Aquaman- the ruler of Atlantis. Just like the King Neptune who makes up the lucrative Wild in Mermaid Millions, he’s the smiling dude who is vital in making sure that you’re onto a winning streak.

And there’s more. The runways are full of men with blue, pink and green hipster beards and hairdos –an echo of the love for My Little Pony? No, it’s the trend of the Mer, straight from the trend-setting catwalk itself. If you’re not too keen on becoming mer yourself why not simply have a spin on Mermaid Millions? Now where did I put my Aerial costume…?