Mermaids Bars

One of the world's truly bizarre facts (that you may not have been aware of) is that across the world there is a plethora of Mermaid Bars. Err, and some of them are a bit racy.

If you are a Mermaid fan, we thought it would be fun to list all of the top ones that we found, so that if you ever win the big one on the Mermaids Millions Slot, you can jet set across the world and enjoy a glass of the fizzy stuff at each one of them!


OK- we start our Mermaid Bar Blitza in Sacremento: here is our Pièce de résistance, in the United States. Just grab a plane, train or automobile to Sacamento and head for the Dive Bar where they have LIVE mermaids swimming around a tank as you sup on a Bud. And very attractive ones we might add. This is the kind of place you might expect to see Hannah Mermaid swimming around in.

Dive Bar Sacremento. 1022 K St, Sacramento, CA. USA. 95814
Check out the VIDEO below.
Dress: clubbing later.

The Wreck Bar, Fort Lauderdale
The Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel is famous for its Wreck Bar, with portholes that look in to the hotel pool. The place s full of people who have learnt how to transform into a mermaid and it's here that "Mermaid" shows used to be performed in the fifties and sixties. And now they are back thanks to a performer called Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid (also known as  MeduSirena)


OK, let's continue our half fish half woman pub crawl in the Party island of Ibiza, in Spain.
The Mermaid Bar, in the Balearics , has been running since 1984. Open from May till October visitors. It's famous for its huge jugs, cocktails, darts and great sounds from the sixties right up to the present. It's in the middle of the west end of San Antonio, in Ibeefa. Not quite as glam as the Sacremento Mermaid Dive Bar, we'll admit. But good for a pint, a packet of crisps and a game of darts while your lobster face eases off a bit. Luvly arrows.
Dress: casual, gratis tight t-shirt clenching your man boobs and towel shorts with a subtle bit of bum cleavage showing.
"Oi! Doris! Get the chips in 'luv!"

Well, hopefully you have won the jackpot, because your next stop is New Zealand- Wellington to be exact. This Mermaid Bar would probably suit you if you are a (male) banker, or at least you like banking. The NZ Mermaid bar provides the best adult entertainment in the city. It says so on their website!

They opened in July 2001, and were probably visited by the England rugby team in the 2011 World Cup- although we didn't get to hear about it.  And they are now open for in the afternoons for Happy Hours (who goes to lap dancing joints in the afternoon??). There are no Mermaids Pokies here though- you'll need to play those online.
Dress: Pin Stripe suit with ample room for dressing to the left or right in the trouser department.

New York City
If you are feeling a little worn out by the ladies in their Wellies in Wellington (we didn't mention that trick), don't worry, because your next stop in back in the US- in New York City to be exact. It's time to get your mojo back, as these restaurants specialise in oysters. Head for a Mermaid Inn (there's 2 in the Big Apple). This is an altogether classier affair than the bar of a similar name Down Under. The only clams you'll be seeing here are the Littleneck Clams, and they are $1.50 the last time we looked.  Yum!
The Mermaid Inn has two locations, the East Village & Upper West Side. 96 Second Ave New York, NY 10003 | 568 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024.
Dress: Smart casual, something from Banana Republic. Leave the white shirt at home with all those oysters.